Bob MacLean

tunebook 195 tunes.

Hi! Bob MacLean in Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a guitarist that is always looking for more tune sources to work into my tune sets for fingerstyle guitar. This site is great! I also love the comments forum to get background on the tunes. I use trad session tunes as well as trad song material for my arranging. I play standard tuning but mostly play altered - DADGAD, CGCGCD, CGDGBD and variants of the above. I play solo as well s with a great bunch of session players in my area (South-Central Ontario) - Eva McCauley, Robin Aggus, Carolyn Buck, Phil Elseworthy, Beth Beech, Fiona McCairley, Randy Jackiw and a bunch of others. Am currently working up a fiddle/guitar duo with Fiona McCairley. A challenge to play tunes and present them in new ways but that whole process turns my crank a lot!