tunebook 230 tunes.

I’ve picked up violin again after many years and am trying to learn from the sheet music, limited I realize, but it’s what I do, and I don’t have access to CD’s or live music, just youtube. I like slow tunes like Inisheer Waltz and Crested Hens and weird time signatures and about everything, and what I don’t like I might like if I could only play it. I’m a Hoosier in Texas.

(Starts listening to mp3’s) Oh, dearie me. This opens up a whole new realm of impossibilities. I’ll NEVER be able to play like that, or even close. I’ll NEVER be able to get any of those other good instruments and learn them, too. I’ll NEVER find anyone with the patience to play with me or teach me something. (Stops whining.)

As a beginning tin whistler I’m trying to learn Air for a Whistle, Alexander’s, Arran Boat Song, Bundle and Go, Blackthorn Stick, Calliope House, Cup of Tea, Enchanted Slip, Fair-haired Child, Friendly Visit, Honeysuckle, Highlanders Revenge, Kerfunken, King of the Fairies, Leaping Lulu, Megumi’s Gift, Monferrina, Muneira De Chantada, the Next Parish, 99 March, 98 March, Old Gort Road, Paddy’s Whiskers, Playing in the Rafters (in Bm), Rolling in the Rye Grass, See Emily Fly, Soldier’s Joy, Siuil a Ruin, Skye Boat Song, Shipley Hornpipe, Thank you Sean (in Edor), Tar Road to Sligo, Waterman’s, and my favorite — One Bottle More. And Ian Morrisons’s (in A), Rory Gentle (in Em), Corporal AB (in Em) … I thought when I started that this instrument would be rather limited — but I Can’t Stop Playing!!!