tunebook 70 tunes.

Hi I’m Terry, I’m 69 and have been playing folk and trad music for some 45 odd years.

Started way back in the fifties with a washboard and a tea-chest bass! Didn’t have much cash in those days, so skiffle and Lonnie Donegan were a godsend. Travelled through the Rock & Roll, Trad Jazz, and finally landed in the Irish/Scottish folk scene. Went through periods of instrument changing nightmares such as electric guitars, acoustic guitars, clarinet, trombone and finally back to acoustic guitar plus added concertina, and now tenor banjo, bouzouki and mandola. Finally decided on mandolin.

Did what might be called an apprenticeship, pounding the working men’s clubs in the Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton area in the 60’s and finally had a traditional Irish/Scottish folk music band in Germany in the late seventies called Fairytale.

Just returned to the scene after a 15 year lay off after meeting up with a bunch of old friends in Germany. (Cobblers Irish pub near Munich -
I am now single and live in the UK, South Essex area (Southend). Took up the Irish Tenor banjo in Jan. 2007 and dug out my old guitar, and was seriously in need of loads of practice and suchlike.
Would love to get to know more musicians around my area.

Needed to update this, so I’ve made a serious step and changed to mandolin Aug 2008, great and have fell in love all over again.