Born in Glasgow of Shetland and Ayrshire parents, grew up in Ayrshire and then Yorkshire in a conventionally musical environment where singing, sacred and "profane" - my mother had an eclectic repertoire - was common and everyone had some kind of mastery of an instrument.
In my twenties took up fiddle, but later after persistent hearing-damage from engine-rooms, transferred those tunes to mandolin (frets). Also part of the Border piping community from 1980s. While my transient lifestyle militates against my being a really competent piper, I work at it, and there’s always a whistle, melodeon or mouthie to hand. I now divide most of my time between western Canada where I work in reforestation and keep bees commercially and Japan, where I built the interior of the Gael Gion Pub in Kyoto. Irish, expatriate and Japanese musicians play there and at the Gnome, Woodnote and the Field pubs on a regular basis.