Play the fiddle, born in Seoul (Korea), live & work in Seoul, love music from East Clare & Galway, also play the modern classical violin & Baroque violin.

Used to play in a local session in Albany, New York, called “Fiddlers’ Tour”, which explored many different styles including Irish, Scottish, French Canadian, Appalachian (Old-Time), Bluegrass, Cajun, Scandinavian, Yiddish, Greek,…..etc. (1997~2000).

Have played 1st & 2nd violin as a member of the local string quartet, “Mohawk String Quartet”, in Albany, NY (1997~2000).

Have played the fiddle as a member of the local Traditional American band, “Tame Rutabaga”, for various local dance gathering events in Albany, NY (1998~2000).

Also used to play in local Irish pub sessions in Manhattan, such as Blaggard’s, Dempsey’s (2000~2005).

Have studied with Patrick Ourceau (2002~2003).
Also have been to workshops by Mick Conneelly, John McEvoy, James Kelly, Tommy Peoples, Martin Hayes, Pat O’Connor in either Miltown-Malbay or Feakle, Co. Clare (Willie Clancy Summer School 2001, 2002 & 2005; Feakle Festival 2007, 2008 & 2009).

Have studied the violin at Mannes College of Music, Extension Division, in New York City (2002~2005).

Have taken 1-year program specialized in “Early Music” in Yonsei University Continued Education Center to study the Baroque violin (2010).

Play the fiddle in an trad Irish group “Gan Ainm” [+ guitar, box, flute, whistle, bodhran] (2013~).

Play the fiddle in an Old-Time string band “Shangri-La Ramblers” [+ banjo, guitar] (2014~).

There are 2~3 regular Irish sessions in Seoul, these days.
Contact me, if you are visiting Seoul, please.
Also, visit “Irish Music in Korea” facebook page.