tunebook 2 tunes.

Hello, my middle name is Ben, hence my screen handle ~ AB. I live in Chico, California.
We play most Thursday nights at one of our friend’s homes. My main instrument is a keyless Forbes flute,
that’s all I can afford. Also play whistles & fifes in various keys.

8 January 2018… planning to sell a few instruments from my collection. I just posted a discussion about this. Here is a mental list with most of my whistles & flutes;

Generation Eb
Thornton D & Bb whistle
Tilbury C & Bb whistle
Freeman Generation C whistle
Burke soprano C
Hohner C fife
S.Z.B.E. mezzo A & Low C
Sweetheart G fife
Goldie F
Susato Low Eb Tuneable
Burke Low D
Susato Low D
Howard Low D
O’Briain Low D & C combo
Hammy D practice flute
Rob Forbes D Flute

On the whole the mustard has always been an interesting social experiment.
The early discussions are probably as informative as anything since. Occasionally more recent discussions,
especially w/newer members, continue to keep what remains of the old guard interested.

But the prime directive has always been outside of what’s posted in the main forum. The blood, sweat & tears inevitably is in the tunes sections. The mustard is, and always has been, a library for cataloging tunes.

Good to be here!



now if we could just convince Jeremy to provide a **Bulletin Board (drop-down) Tab** which can be used to ask about everything (current sessions, events, hiking, crafts, radio…) happening in a region a member is planning to visit; wouldn’t that be grand?

At least I can dream.


pps …