tunebook 1 tune.

Hello, my middle name is Ben, hence my screen handle ~ AB. I live in Chico, California.
We play most Thursday nights at one of our friend’s homes. My main instrument is a keyless Forbes flute,
that’s all I can afford. Also play whistles & fifes in various keys.

On the whole the mustard has always been an interesting social experiment.
The early discussions are probably as informative as anything since. Occasionally more recent discussions,
especially w/newer members, continue to keep what remains of the old guard interested.

But the prime directive has always been outside of what’s posted in the main forum. The blood, sweat & tears inevitably is in the tunes sections. The mustard is, and always has been, a library for cataloging tunes.

Good to be here!



now if we could just convince Jeremy to provide a **Bulletin Board (drop-down) Tab** which can be used to ask about everything (current sessions, events, hiking, crafts, radio…) happening in a region a member is planning to visit; wouldn’t that be grand?

At least I can dream.


pps …