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I’m a 40-something melodeon, concertina, and accordion player in Billings, Montana. I play a one-row Hohner melodeon in D, a Morse C & G 30-button anglo concertina, and a Hohner Erica C#/D accordion. I’ve been at it now already about 15 years.

I’m lucky to have found a great group of session players here in town that not only tolerate my playing, but are very encouraging! My advice to beginners is to seek out others to play with, even if you only know a handful tunes well (or not so well!) instead of just sitting at home on the couch playing alone. Getting in on a session is probably the best way to improve and expand your playing. This website is also very helpful for learning some tunes, as well as history of the music, specific tunes, musicians, etc. And it’s free!

Here’s a little tune I composed. We play this at my local Irish trad session once in awhile, and it’s fun to play. It’s named for my much-loved and missed German shorthaired pointer, Farley. I composed to tune to emulate the sound of a stuffed rabbit squeaky toy that Farley would play with, squeaking it in time to tunes we played in the dining room. I recorded this video in January of 2011 the day I learned that Farley had cancer and he was gone within two weeks of this. He was the best dog ever.

X: 1
T: Farley’s Squeaky Rabbit
C: Patrick JWK
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gdorian
F2|G3 F G2 FG|AG D2 F4|G2 FG Ac A2|d4> e2|
.f2 .f2 .c2 .c2|dedc F3 G |Acdc A2 F2| G4:|
|:^f2| g3 ^f g3 f|g2 d2 f4|g3 ^f g2 d2|G2 D2 F4|
g2> ^f2 g2> f2|g2 d2 f4|ed c2 F3 c|dc F2 G2:|

here’s a video of me playing it a couple times, with Farley:

Here’s another new tune I just composed (November 2019). It’s named for the husband (Bob Bell) of one of the musicians in our session. Bob always came to our sessions and listened and clapped, and was sometimes the only person listening and applauding. So we would often say, “Thank you, Bob!” He liked tunes in A major, and since I don’t play a lot of tunes in that key, I made up a simple one that I think is kind of nice.

T: Thank You, Bob (Bell)
C: Patrick Kuntz
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
|:cBA e2A cBA e2A|BGE d2c B2c d2B|
cBA e2A cBA e2A|cB AG A cA3 A2:|
e2a aba e3 b2c|e2d bab c3 a2 f|
e2 A cBA dfd a3|bab fec A3 A2:|