Celtic Guitar

tunebook 255 tunes.

I live in Western Massachusetts and started playing Celtic/Irish music in December 2006 when I ended my self-imposed 36 year retirement from playing guitar. I have a 1990 Martin M36 and a 1984 Guild G-212 NT; I play the Martin most of the time. I am teaching myself to read music so I can fill in the parts of the melodies that I can’t pick up by ear.

The 12-string is an excellent sounding instrument for Celtic melodies. At some point I will get around to learning DADGAD to back-up on the Martin. Also, looking to meet other musicians in my area, particularly single, beautiful Irish lasses who love to play music and sail.

Back in the 60’s I played lead guitar and autoharp in a band called The Magic Mushrooms. We played in the Philadephia and Jersey Shore area. We had a minor hit record on the Billboad Top 100 in the Fall of 1967. Our song was on the infamous “Nuggets- Artyfacts of the Psychedelic Era”; apparently, unbeknownst to us, we were the first pyschedelic garage band according to some liner notes I’ve read. It’s a strange world!

Anyway, now I am into ITM, getting better all the time, I think, or, at least, I hope.