tunebook 2 tunes.

I played guitar for a few years in my younger days but had to quit due to lower back problems. A few years ago I started to get into traditional music and wanting to play an instrument again, so I bought a cheapo fiddle to see if I could play it without the old pains acting up. I can!

Now I am taking lessons and practicing as much as work and personal commitments allow. I hope in a few years I will be good enough to turn up to a session and enjoy it as a player, not just a listener!

Ack…an update some 3 years later….more injuries, this time to my arms, and I had to quit playing the fiddle (and my job) for about a year and half. I have been a non-fiddling fiddler as long as I have been a fiddling fiddler! Still, I can now manage to pick out a tune again, although fiddling is one of the activities I still have to restrict for fear of re-injuring myself…

…so I started playing mandolin too.