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  • The Fairhaired Boy reel
    X: 1
    T: The Fairhaired Boy
    R: reel
    M: 4/4
    L: 1/8
    K: Dmix
    A3G FGAB|=cAdc BG G2|A3G FAdg|fde^c Add^c|
    A3G FGAB|=cAdc BG G2|A3G FAdg|fde^c Adde||
    f2 df efde|f2 df ecAg|f2 df efdg|fde^c Adde|
    f2 df efde|f2 df ec A2|ABcd ef g2|afge fd d2||
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  • Cavan Potholes reel
    X: 2
    T: Cavan Potholes
    R: reel
    M: 4/4
    L: 1/8
    K: Dmaj
    (3DEF|:"Am9"G2Bd BAGB|"D7" AD~D2 ADFD|"Em7" EFGE AGFA|"Em7" GABd edBA|
    "Am9"G2Bd BAGB|"D7" A2de dABd|"Em" e2~e2 defd|"Em7" e2BA (3Bcd ef|
    "Am9"gfef gfeg|"D7" fedB ABdf|"Em" eBBA BedB|"Em7" ABdB ADFD|
    "Am9"E2Bd BAGB|"D7" AGFE DEFD|"Em" EFGE "D"FEDF|1 "Em7" E4 z2 (3DEF:|2 "Em7" E4 z2 (3def||
    |:"Am9"g3a gfeg|"D7" fedB ABdf|"Em7" eBBA BdeB|BAGA "Em7" (3Bcd ef|
    "Am9"~g3a gfeg|"D7" (3fed ag fefd|"Em7" ebaf g2Bg|"Em7" fde2 (3Bcd ef|
    "Am9"gaba gfeg|"D7" fgfe de (3fed|"Em7" egfa gedg|"Em7" (3efg fd BdAF|
    "Am9"G2Bd BAGB|"D7" AGFE DEFD|"Em7" EFGE AGFG|1 "Em7" E4 z2 (3def:|2 "Em7" E4 z2 (3DEF||
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  • Seanamhac Tube Station jig
    X: 3
    T: Seanamhac Tube Station
    R: jig
    M: 6/8
    L: 1/8
    K: Gdor
    GFD D2 F|GAc ~d3|dcA cAF|GFD CDF|
    ~G3 GFD|GAc dce|dce dcA|~G3 G2 A|
    GFD D2 F|GAc [d3D3]|dcA ABc|AFD CDF|
    ~G3 GFD|GAc dce|dce dcA|~G3 GAc||
    ded dcA|~c3 A2 c|dcA cAF|GFD C2 A|
    [d3D3] dcA|~c3 gfd|dcA cAF|~G3 GAc|
    ded dcA|~c3 A2 c|dcA cAF|GFD C3|
    GFD GFD|GAc d2 e|dcA cAF|~G3 G2 A||
    d3 g3|f2 g a2 f|gfd ~c3|dcA GAc|
    ~g3 gfd|~f3 fga|gfd cAF|G3 GAc|
    d3 g3|f2 g a2 f|gfd ~c3|dcA GFD|
    GFD GFD|GAc dce|dce dcA|G2 A B{c}BA||
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  • Where Is The Cat? slide
    X: 4
    T: Where Is The Cat?
    R: slide
    M: 12/8
    L: 1/8
    K: Gmaj
    |:DED G2D E2D G3|DED G2B A2G E3|
    DED G2D E2D G2A|BdB c2B ABG E3:|
    |:BAB d2B AGE c3|BAB d2B ABG E3|
    BAB d2B AGE c3|ege d2B ABG E3:|
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  • The Green Cottage polka
    X: 5
    T: The Green Cottage
    R: polka
    M: 2/4
    L: 1/8
    K: Edor
    B>A|GE ED|B,E E2|G>F ED|GA B/=c/B/A/|
    GE ED|B,E E2|B>A GF|E2 B>A|
    GE ED|B,D A,D|B,D A,D|B2 B/=c/B/A/|
    GE ED|B,E E2|B/=c/B/A/ GF|E2 B>A||
    |:Be ef|eB BA|Be df|e2 ef|
    ga/g/ fg/f/|ed BA|BE E/F/G/A/|B2 B>A:|
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  • The Killavil jig
    X: 6
    T: The Killavil
    R: jig
    M: 6/8
    L: 1/8
    K: Edor
    B2E GFE|BAB edB|~A3 dAF|FED E2:|
    |:A|Bef gbg|faf edB|AFF DFF|AFA dBA|
    Bef ~g3|~f3 edB|~A3 dAF|FED E2:|
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  • Elsie Marley jig
    X: 7
    T: Elsie Marley
    R: jig
    M: 6/8
    L: 1/8
    K: Amix
    |:cBc ~A3|A2a aed|cBc ~A3|B2g gdB|
    cBc ~A3|aba aec|dbd cac|B2g gdB:|
    |:c2d ~e3|ef^g aed|c2d ~e3|~B3 =gdB|
    c2d ~e3|ef^g aec|dbd cac|B2=g gdB:|
    |:A2a aec|aec aec|A2a aec|gag gdB|
    A2a aec|aec aec|dbd cac|B2g gdB:|
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