tune sets 4 sets of tunes.

lives: Bourne (Cape Cod) MA
plays where: Cape Cod / SE New England
plays what: banjo, guitar, bouzouki
also: sings, composes, runs sessions; produces concerts, “Cape Cod Ceili Weekend”
http://www.capeirish.com/news (local happenings, sessions, etc)
http://www.capeirish.com/webabc (~9000 trad dance tunes in ABC format)
http://www.capeirish.com/bbsongs (guess what - songs!)
http://www.capeirish.com/bbworks (’serious" compositions)
http://www.capeirish.com/tune_vault (MP3 files of rare traditional music)
http://www.capeirish.com/scripta/ (various writings - poetry, prose, etc.)