tunebook 147 tunes.

My initials, ‘m- r’, as opposed to ‘mister’ - from central Florida, USA.

[Apparently ‘Emir’ is a girl’s name in Gaelic, otherwise I might have adopted it (although ‘Emir’ is also a title in several Arabic cultures, essentually a high sultan- as in ‘Emirate’?); I guess I could go by ‘Roibeard’, but I usually go by ‘Bob’.]

- Occasionally stepping away from researching tunes (or finding where I poached it from, is more like it) to struggle through a transcription, write a tune or actually practice/rehearse.


The Wayfaring Stranger (slow air)

"Wild Dismay Tunes"-
Fear A’ Bhata (waltz)
Artie McShane (jig)
The Black Nag (jig)

"Notai - Music from the Recordings of Lunasa"-
Ridee (waltz)
Ridee (waltz)
Ridee (waltz)
Glentrasna (reel)

"The Keegan Tunes, Vol. 1"-
O’Hanlon’s Bridge (jig)
Keelaghan’s Manta (reel)
Molly Eamonn Mor (reel)
The Copper Kettle (jig)

"The Keegan Tunes, Vol. 2"-
The Straw Rope (jig)
Black Rosie (jig)

"Paddy O’Brien’s Tunes"-
The Humours of Ayle House (jig)
The Tongs by the Fire (jig)
The Road to Youghal (reel)
Conlan’s Well (reel)
The Holly Bush (reel)
Reavy’s (reel)

John Walsh’s Collection, "Iris na bPiobairi"-
The Black Rogue (jig)

Mild Mabel Kelly (waltz)
Daniel Kelly (reel)

"Breizh Partitions"-
The Thanksgiving (polka)

"The Fiddler’s Tunebooks"-
The Hare’s Paw (reel)
The Marquis of Huntley (barndance)
The New Limerick Lasses (reel)
Hurry the Jug (jig)
Money in Both Pockets (jig)
Paddy O’Carroll (jig)
Stepney’s (Jackson’s Fancy) (jig)
The Foxhunter’s (slip jig)
The Roving Blade (Go to Berwick, Jockey) (slip jig)
The Hills of Tipperary (Andrew Carr) (slip jig)
Paddy Be Easy (slip jig)
The Rakes of Kilkenny (Highway to Kilkenny) (slip jig)
The Swaggering Jig (slip jig)
The Humours of Ardnaree (jig)

"The Collected Compositions of Ed Reavy"-
Molly on the Shore (reel)
The Glen Road (Bring Her to the Shelter) (reel)
The Bearded Fiddler (jig)

"The Fiddler’s Companion"-
The Piper’s Welcome (Strike the Gay Harp) (jig)

"Tunes of the Munster Pipers"-
The Honey Moon (The Sunset) (slow reel)
Pol Ruaidh (Timmy Collins) (slip jig)

Assisted Transcriptions:

The Thorn Tree (slip jig)
The Bletherskate (strathspey)
Clancy’s Fancy (reel)
Brady’s (7/8)


The Blackwater (polka)
Michael’s (polka)
Uirchill A’ Chreagain (slow air)
Seamus O’Kane’s (mazurka)
Seamus Danagher’s (slide)
The Cross At The Wood (reel)
Matt Hayes’ No. 1 (polka)
Matt Hayes’ No. 2 (polka)
The Pipe on the Hob (jig)
Inisheer (slow air)
The Two William Davises (air)


Gleanntan Glas Gaorth Dobhair (waltz)
Arran Boat Song (waltz)
Cooleys (reel)
The Crock of Gold (reel)
Rolling in the Ryegrass (reel)
Bobby Casey’s (reel)
The Fox on the Prowl (reel)

Original Submissions:

By the Fireside (jig)
-See also,
Spring Will Sometime Come (reel)
-See also,
The Silver Fox (barndance)
The Breaking Storm (hornpipe)
-See also,
Biddy the Peeler (slip jig)
The Haunted House (polka)