tunebook 1 tune.

12/13/2012 update: Have been doing mando pretty much exclusively since mid ’08, with nice results.

My name is Terry, and I live and work in northern California. I have been playing fiddle with various success since 1979, but fooled around with whistles, flute, mandolin, guitar and even bouzouki at various times, while being distracted by work and children.

I became truly serious about the fiddle a few years ago and now play it exclusively, so now I am making the breakthroughs that I should have made 20 years ago, but such is life. Big recent breakthrough: Actually WEARING OUT bowhair!

I play the 80-year-old family student fiddle; a Central European specimen with a fake Italian label. Mostly Irish and Scots, some OT and bluegrass, some Klezmer and I would like to learn jazz and blues.