tunebook 140 tunes.

tune sets 7 sets of tunes.

I’m a New England native living in the Providence, Rhode Island area (Fitzgerald was my mother’s maiden name). I work as an engineer and have a wife and son. I learned guitar in elementary school and later backed-up a Irish pub band for a couple of years once I was older. I was inspired to begin flatpicking melody in 2007 after hearing tunes like Altan’s version of King of the Pipers and Dave Surret’s version of The Blackbird on bouzouki. So I began learning to play ITM that March on a bouzouki I bought on a whim after leaving the pub band. I have a 2011 resonator bouzouki built by GD Armstrong and 2006 arched top Trillium bouzouki. I currently attend the weekly session at Patrick’s Pub in Providence, RI ( see ) and sometimes play a bodhran built by Albert Alfonso in 2013. I’ve enjoyed listening to sessions in every New England State as well as in NY, MD, VA, CA, Quebec, Paris, London, Portugal, Spain and Ireland.