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I’m a New England native living in the Providence, Rhode Island area (Fitzgerald was my mother’s maiden name). I work as an engineer and have a wife and son. I learned to sing and play chords in elementary school and later backed-up a Irish pub band for a couple of years once I was older. I was inspired to begin flatpicking melody in 2007 after hearing tunes like Altan’s version of King of the Pipers and Dave Surret’s version of The Blackbird on bouzouki. So I began learning to play ITM that March on a bouzouki I bought on a whim after leaving the pub band. I have a 2011 resonator bouzouki built by GD Armstrong and 2006 arched top Trillium bouzouki. I currently attend the weekly session at Patrick’s Pub in Providence, RI ( ) and sometimes play a bodhran built by Albert Alfonso in 2013. I have enjoyed listening to sessions in every New England State as well as in NY, MD, VA, CA, Quebec, Portugal, Spain and Ireland.