tunebook 23 tunes.

perthling2 “aka” Richard Tallach.

I bide in Perth, Scotland, and enjoy seshes in “The Old Ship Inn” in the Skinnergate. The Old Ship Inn was established in 1665; smells like it anyway!!

A number of guitarists, a bass-player, a bandolin-player, a whistle-player, a saxophonist, vocalists, percussionists and pipers meet on a Tuesday evening here.

The pub was rebuilt in 1932 and actually has a very pleasant atmosphere, because of the clientele and history. It hosted such worthies as the Jacobites on their way down south in ’45 and General James Wolfe - of heights of Abraham fame - when he was a young and spotty soldier based in Perth. Niel Gow also stayed here when in Perth.

I play Highland pipes, Scottish smallpipes and dabble in the tin whistle and composing and arranging tunes.

Tunes and arrangements here: