tunebook 73 tunes.

I was born in Galicia, but am currently living in Catalonia.
I’ve been listening to Irish music since I was a teenager, but only recently began to play. Of course, I also like Galician trad music, and other.. ahem… Atlantic musical traditions as well.
Started with a bouzouki tuned GDAd and after a year or so changed to GDAe to play melody without too much stretch.
The next step was buying an old open back tenor which I’m trying to master yet (damn triplets).
Now I have a nice Weymann with megaphonic rim, too.
I’m teaching myself the fiddle, too, as a long term project. I’m an adept of the “stick it under your chin and scrape away” method, which is the only one available for me, anyway.

If you happen to come to the Costa Brava and fancy to have some tunes just drop me a line.