Rick Dyer

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Hello there.

My name is Rick Dyer and I live in Southampton in the county of Hampshire, England.

Teaching myself to play the Whistle, Flute, Guitar and Mandolin. Also do some Irish Set dancing with my partner Kathie who’s sister does the teaching.

Started learning rhythm guitar in my twenties when my main interest was popular music of the era like David Bowie, Genesis,et al. It’s only in the last few years that I’ve bought another guitar and got stuck into learning Irish Folk tunes. The Whistle and other instruments are a relatively new interest although I’ve been playing those now for about a decade. Inspired by such fine players as Mary Bergen, Matt Malloy (Chieftains), Micheal McGoldrick, Brian Finnegan (Flook) and Kevin Crawford (Lunasa) to name but a few. Practicing hard to achieve a reasonable standard.