Own a flute made by Sam Murray.

Have a selection of whistles, most favoured of which are made by Colin Goldie, of Overton fame.

My full name is Murrough O’Kane, originally from Dungiven, County Derry, now living in Derry City.

Founding member of the (then) youthful type band Óige… for more see:

A nostalgic look back at the band “Óige” (Irish Gaelic for “Youth”), in video format from the 1990s (from the video vault):

• Óige - Silver Spear (full version)

• Óige - P. Stands for Paddy

• Óige - The Flower of Magherallyo (Hippodrome Theatre, Birmingham)

• Óige - Girls Put the Fags Out

• Óige - My Bonnie Labouring Boy