tunebook 172 tunes.

My name is Mario, I’m from Berlin (big dirty hole in Germany!).

I’ve been playing guitar for almost twenty years now, of which I spent something like thirteen years playing in DADGAD (BIG surprise here, eh?). Come to speak of it: No. I’m not just sliding doubled and tripled 5th up and down the neck. I do play real chords, with all the neccesary 3rds, 5th, 6ths and 7th (if it seems appropriate). :-o

For backing I use a flatpick (as well for picking tunes), but I also do a lot of fingerstyle stuff (almost 50/50).

Like so many others, I started out with Irish/Scottish music, but very quickly added Breton music to my repertoire, as well as Galician and Asturain tunes. Later I also fell in love with the tradition from central France (bal folk stuff). The last major thing to come my way was Scandinavian music (mainly Swedish and Norwegian polskas), and that really intoduced me to a completely different world of rhythm.