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tunebook 65 tunes.

tune sets 2 sets of tunes.

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Welcome to my Session.org Home page; Im a friendly good natured happy chappy 🙂 .

I only came online a few years ago and this was the first forum I ever joined or posted on! talk about jumping in at the deep end. 🙂

A few quotes that mean a lot to me that I put here just to demonstrate that I’m a real person 😉

”A big thank you to Will for all his wonderfull music,it was a pleasure to have played with such a great musician, beautiful piping,and a wonderfull accompanist,and thank you for all your organisational skills… always the heart,”
Mickey Dunne

Jim Kline one of the worlds foremost Guitarists ;
Will is ” a natural teacher. I came away with a wealth of information about Irish music and whistle playing; phrasing, ornaments, repertoire, ("the swing!") and enough of his infectuous enthusiasm to keep me going for a long time! I am very impressed by his skill and talent”,James Kline

>> short bio of Jim; As a classical guitarist he studied in Spain under a full scholarship from the Spanish government. There he won a number of international awards, including the Ramirez Prize of Santiago de Compostella and the Tarrega Pize of Benicasim. He holds an ARCM diploma from The Royal College of Music of London and has performed throughout eastern and western Europe as well as the United States and Mexico.<<

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Anthony Warde. Tutor for Waltons ‘learn to play Irish mandolin DVD and one of Ireland’s leading tenor banjo players said this;”
Will continues to Amaze me with his Ability to turn his hand to a myriad of instruments” and ‘an excellent bagpiper’’ .

Based in co Clare the last 15 yrs or so . Co cork the previous 15 .
traveller and street musician , can’t beat the fresh air and adventure.

I make a big thing about technique, fundamentals, basics , simplicity. I make no apology for that.

I started playing as a kid first on my mums Piano at 4 but didnt keep it up . Then I got a guitar for my ninth birthday. I started gigging as a bass player at 13 or 14, Chaotic Punk rock 🙂 after all it was 1977/78
I got into trad and learnt my first tunes in 84 on bass and I play a rake of tunes on the guitar , Spanish 7 string or nylon tenor but mostly i pipe and fiddle these days , pretty much full time musician since I was a teen.

I teach and can be contacted for skype lessons on any of these instruments and focusing on traditional Irish and Scottish music.

So thats
Bass guitar /Guitar 1974
Banjo/mandolin 1984
fiddle 1993
Scottish pipes 1997
Uilleann and pastoral pipes a few yrs now.
I ‘ve also mucked about on cello, drums/percussion . I sing a lot of old ballads if my arm is twisted and a few tunes on whistle
From a few years ago.





I also compose tunes and some of my work was performed by Chris George, 1st violinist of the Quince Quartet at the international chamber music festival, in Kerry, Ireland.

2 of my tunes © and original knotwork © ;



another tune in ABC
T: Ballymalone
||: G,B,D GBd | gab agf | gbg dBd| cag fdc |
BdB GBd | gba gdB | cag fdB |1 cAF GDB :|2 cAF GBd ||:
gdB bgd | gdg bag |aec ece| aea aba
|gdB dBd |gdg bag |fed cAF|1 AGF GBd :|2 AGF GDB, ||
You need sub bass speakers for this one;

Heres some footage of a great little ‘Gypsy’ party. Music provided by the late Charlie Odin RIP ; rhythm guitar, vox, and myself lead guitar, plus percussionists .
Not Irish mind, but WTF

My Antique Cocus Hendersons , full size and 7/8th in A 440 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Fretless Bass and Electric 17” 5 string Viola. Matching Pair 🙂


2 guitars, Godin solid body and Bartolex 7 string


My C 1/2 set
Some fiddles; fiddles;

My Pastoral pipes; chanter by Jon Swayne drones by myself in Lignum Vitae


My B travelling set light weight Hollowstock 4 drone [now 5 drone ] 2 tenor B &F# too Bari B & F# [updated with bass ] ‘Chanter by KM McNicholl in plum and box drones by myself ;

I have explored a few other genres for the craic, a little bit of this, a little bit of that. Gigged a lot as a bass player, and guitar backer. and Im still at it though its been Reggae , Ska and trad jazz Ive been earning from. Gotta keep adaptable! !

After 40yrs playing I still enjoy it as much, if not more than I ever did. I dont mind putting the effort in because the rewards are priceless. Enjoy your music and Enjoy your life, good luck with both.

Recommended listening;
The piping of Seamus Ennis
The pipering of Willie Clancy
The piping of Johnny Doran
The pipering of David Power
The pipering of Leo Rowesome
The Pipering of Robbie Hannon
and all the rest of the guys, too many to mention but breaking new boundaries and stunning us all.
The playing of
Bobby Casey,
Paddy Canny,
Brendan Mulvihill,
Jimmy Powers ,
Ted Fury ,
Johnny Doherty
Paddy Killoran,
Dennis Murphy,
Seamus Creagh
John Vesey,
Martin Byrnes,
John Kelly,
Kathleen Collins,
Box players like ;
Johnny O’Leary,
Bobby Gardiner,
Jackie Daly,
Tony MacMahon,
Christy Barry,
Padraig Kelleher ,
Brid O’Donohue,
Mary Bergin,
Micho Russel,
Donncha Ó Briain.

John D Burgess ,
PM Angus MacDonald MBE,
James Maclean.
Donald MacPherson