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السلام عليكم

Mehitabel was born on 12th September, 364 C.E. on the tiny island of Ix, in the South Pacific ocean. She was appointed ruler of the island when she was three, following a tragic incident involving her father, an octopus and two bodhráns. She was the twenty-third ruler called Mehitabel. A year into her reign, she started learning the piano accordion. She progressed well, coming 2nd in the Junoir All-Ix Fleadh on the P.A. after just six months of playing, but sadly in that same week, Ix was subsumed by the waves, never to surface again. Mehitabel survived by becoming a fish, as animorphism is a genetic trait of the Ix royal family, and she swam to Australia to begin her new life.

There she played in sessions in Sydney and Brisbane for many years, until she became bored, and in 1065 she moved to Normandy. She met a man called William, seduced him, and, under her spell, powerless to object, he mustered an army and invaded England. Mehitabel wandered there for a while, founding the towns of Slough, Reading and Gnosall, among others, but she finally settled in Bath.

Mehitabel has travelled much since then, to Africa and the Middle East especially, helping found both Sikhism and Rastafarianism, but she has always come back to Bath. In 1721 she finally realised her dream of winning a competition on the accordion by coming first in the Junior All-Ethiopia Fleadh – a very prestigious award – and has since gained a love for all things Ethiopian.

Mehitabel’s political views are moderately left-wing, slightly anarchist, and her intrests include knitting, ice sculpture and mud wrestling. She started learning the whistle in 2005, but has not won any competitions on it yet.

According to legend, she once beat Kevin Burke in a staring competition, presumably on account of her large eyes.