tunebook 8 tunes.


I’m a flute player living in Caen, Normandy, France, but I work in Paris which let me some time to play there Irish Music (Of course…) at the Irish Association in Paris ( where I take a class of flute every Thursday.
My favourite flute players are Kevin Crawford, Seamus Egan, Matt Molloy of course, and also Jean-Michel Veillon.
I’m a person totally adicted to Irish Music, but I do not whish to find any way to get cured of it…
In addition to this, I’m quite addicted to Breton Music as well and to Breton dances (Fest Noz).
My first contact with irish music happened almost ten years ago and it’s a story I like to tell about : I was taking Sailing Classes in Clew Bay, Co. Mayo, Ireland with the wellknown Glenans Sailing Club, and there was a tradition there to go and have a few (quite a few indeed…) drinks in town on tuesday night… The town in question happened to be Westport, and my fellow irish sailing mates told me : “There is a pub there you have to go to, i’ts called Matt Molloy’s…., do you know who Matt Molloy is ??” Of course I did not know… (I realise today how ignorant and stupid I was at this time, ha, ha…).
There was a session there. I took a drink and sat down staring at the musicians, and then I remember I felt tears coming to my eyes, and that’s about it.