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Playing Irish B/C button accordion since October 2002. Almost entirely self-taught. It’s coming along very quickly (after 40 years of playing piano and a decade of listening to Irish music), though there’s still a long way to go. I started playing C/G anglo concertina in June of 2006.

Since I don’t use my tunebook on this site for learning tunes, I’ve decided to use it to keep a list of tunes that I know (or at least know well enough to follow along if somebody plays them).

I’ve been singing in social settings for about a decade. I’ve learned close to 300 songs, but more than half have faded from memory, either because I’ve lost interest in them or don’t have time to keep them fresh.

I present a series of acoustic folk concerts in my home about 50 miles south of Boston, MA, USA:
Several of the concerts each year feature Irish, Scottish, or Cape Breton musicians. Past performers include Tommy Peoples, The Wrigley Sisters, The Kane Sisters, Jerry Holland, Beolach, Randal Bays, Daithi Sproule, Roger Landes, Josephine Marsh, Frankie Gavin, Liz Doherty, April Verch, Tommy McCarthy & Louise Costello, Halali, Jackie Daly, Edel Fox, Paul DeGrae, Ronan O’Flaherty, Claire Keville, Pat O’Connor, Eilis Kennedy, William Coulter, Niamh Parsons, Troy MacGillivray, Andrea Beaton, Andrew MacNamara, Brian McNamara, Cynthia MacLeod, Angelina Carberry & Martin Quinn, Kevin Burke, Kimberley Fraser, Eoghan O’Sullivan, Tim Collins, and probably others that are slipping my mind.