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Hi. I’m a flute maker, living and working on the NSW “Nature Coast” (about 4 hours drive south of Sydney). I started playing guitar, picked up whistle in the early 1970’s, shifted to flute a few years later, and started making flutes in 1975. At that time, there was not that much interest in flutes for Irish music in Australia, so it necessarily remained a part time activity until I mounted a web site (about 1995?) and was immediately inundated with orders. Most of my flutes go to the US and Canada.

Apart from flute making, I’ve worked in University research institutes in the electronics field, at two radio stations as engineer and manager, at two national institutions in the audio preservation field. I’ve also worked in a number of bands, mostly playing flute but doubling on guitar.

Main interests are flute making, Irish music, exploring the area we’ve just moved to, cooking (even to the foolhardy extent of eating some of the results!) and flute research. Did I mention pizza, red wine and chocolate? Oh and flute making.