farquharson whistler

tunebook 12 tunes.

I live in Central NY, USA. Currently working as a Sports/Orthopaedics Physiotherapist by day, moonlighting as a regional celtic musician 60-70 shows a year by night/weekends with the band cliudan (www.cliudan.net)
Formally trained on woodwinds…dabbled in blues, jazz, and jam for years.
Have played regionally from Buffalo to Boston and from PA to Ottawa, sharing billing with some really great folks along the way…most recently spent a great night with the Makem Bros. and former members of Glengarry Bhoys…now playing as Greenwhich Meantime.

Main Instruments: Copeland Low D, Magee-Larsen keyless D flute in Blackwood, Burke Low F, Sindt Bb whistle, Burke Pro Session Brass D whistle, Ralph Sweet blackwood D folk fife,a motley crue of neglected Walton’s, Feadog’s, Generation’s and Clarke’s…goof about with the parlor pipes, tenor banjo and mando and other assorted instruments…though i must admit few things help to de-stress like a uke.