tunebook 20 tunes.

An Irish man originally from Belfast but left during the troubles in 72 and moved to Spain.

I’ve played (whistle) with some of the big names, Pots, Maloney etc but ended up with my own style with a trick or two learnt from non Trad players.

I’m still “learning” the flute I bought in Kilkenny 18 years ago, cost me 500 quid back then god only knows if i’ll ever get my money’s worth out of it but God loves a trier !!!!

I prefer airs played correctly !! Most players don’t play with the soul and the results are obvious despite all their “perfectionist techniques”

My mentor was and is P.O’M from Dublin , slow an easy is what he says………..and he’s right after all ask your wife if SHE likes it fast and furious or a soft but firm grip !! LOL