tunebook 51 tunes.

Hi there,
My name’s Karen, i play cittern, mandolin, pennywhistle, and sing. I perform with a trio called O’Hara’s Cup (after the O’Carolan poem). Besides myself, there’s a fiddler who also plays guitar, and a harper. I live in MD, in a very rural area; god bless the net for access to the rest of the world! I’ve played music since i was six, but only truly focused on ITM for the last 7 years. I’ve made incredible progress, due in part to dedicated practice, but more due to the feeling that I’ve finally found myself, musically. This music speaks to my soul. When I play or sing it, I’m able to express myself with a depth I’d not previously experienced with any of the other types of music I have studied and played. It’s also damned good fun.