Peter Damashek

tunebook 3 tunes.

Heard local Irish music at Glocca Morra Pub on 23rd and 2nd Avenue - both Joe Burke’s - and loved it. Started playing Irish music at NY Irish Arts Center in 1978. Jimmy Devine, Tom Milton, lawyer Jim something, Alice on bodhran. I was plinking mandolin in back. Moved to Tucson and performed folk music often at the Cup, where Linda Ronstadt got started. Moved to teach English in Japan in 1982 and met Atsushi Akazawa, who kindly gave me some Bothy Band cassettes. I was hooked. Upon return to San Diego in 1986, I started playing guitar at Saturday kitchen sessions at Dubliner Kit Healy’s house. He’d also played at NY’s Irish Arts Center, great friends with Vincent Corrigan. I was on piano backup at the Irish Cottage in Balboa Park on Sundays. Played banjo from 1992. Played with Ballina box player Mike O’Hara (who played with Paddy Killoran in East Durham in the 50’s). First visited Ireland in 1997, had fiddle lessons at Willy Clancy week, So. Sligo school. Met Junior Crehan, Bobby Casey, Martin Hayes. Attended Green Linnett’s 20th Anniversary weekend at the Friar Tuck Inn in NY, met Frank McCourt, played with Liz Carroll, Charlie Lennon, Jerry Holland, Kieran O’Hare. Made 5 trips to Ireland for fiddle lessons. Switched to DADGAD tuning in ‘99 after Paddy Keenan requested it for backing him at a concert in San Diego. Got a job in Osaka, Japan at Universal Studios Japan as an Irish musician through fiddler Jay Gregg. Worked 5 years at Finnegan’s bar there. Moved to Chicago area and played sessions with John Williams, Kevin Henry, Jimmy Thornton, Murphy Roche school, studied with fiddle great Brendan Bulger. After 2 years, settled on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Still maintain an apartment in Kyoto, and play at Woodnote, Field, and Gnome there as well as Murphy’s in Osaka, and around Seattle.