tunebook 9 tunes.

I am originally a Philadelphian (Pennsylvania) from the north end of “K&A”, just two blocks east of Frankfurt Ave (nasty neighborhood these days) but now live in the Downingtown area and go in to WC for pastime.

I started my musical life with a guitar I found in the attic (really I did! LOL) and since have been off and on for about ten years now. Mostly I played old Appalachian ballads of Scottish and English origin, but Irish songs have grown on me as time goes by. I don’t have as much to show for it but I can usually back up with chords well -that being all that I was able of at folk festivals where you are introduced to a deluge of music you only get to hear once or twice a year. I’m quite quick with them, though, because of that and thought I should be a rhythm guitarist, but the bands I was in never seemed to stay together long enought to have a repertoire.

I don’t recommend looking to me for melodic advice, therefore, as most of the tunes in my ‘tunebook’ I only know in song form (that is, vocals and backing chords.)

I have since grown very much more fond of the melodic end of instrumentation and I play a little mandolin (fun to play, but not my style tone-wise), though I’ve got a banjo on order and I’m excited to get more into music with a dance feel to it. I really love the plunky sound of a jig on a tenor banjo.

I don’t drive so I really can’t get to many of the Philadelphia sessions (trains stop running early out this way) but if there is anyone who might want to start a beginner level session in Downingtown, West Chester, etc, PLEASE by all means drop me a line.