tunebook 149 tunes.

Open backed Vintage Banjo (Slingerland). Soon to have a Mandola (once its been made at Freshwater!) Not been playing tunes for long (a matter of months as at Nov 2009) but a musician (guitarist) of many years. Getting the tunes in my head at my age is proving a challenge but a most enjoyable one.
I thoroughly love jazz as well and can see many similarities between the two forms of music - especially the improvisatory bits (which I’ll never achieve).
June 2010 - STILL waiting for my Mandola from Freshwater - which was ordered back in September of last year and promised within 11 weeks! UPDATE: It took nearly 9 months and loads of “heated” phone calls to get the instrument -minus the case (still waiting for that nearly one year on) and the instrument has fretbuzz everywhere (despite me putting strips of credit card under the bone of th bridge!) The finish is awful (the EQ system doesn’t sit flush with the body etc etc)
Oct 29th and still waiting for the case for the Mandola! Now one year since ordering. Buyers BEWARE
January 23rd 2010 and STILL waiting for my case - so that’s one year and 5 months. If only I’d known I’d never have bought from Freshwater.
Have a new banjo. An Emerald ‘Seisun’. Big sound, slightly wider neck than usual but suits me down to the ground. The company recently had a short scale on eBay.
September 1st 2011 - and still waiting for the case for my Freshwater Mandola that I paid for TWO years ago.
Sept 15 2011 - Freshwater have ceased trading so no case for me! Am now looking for an instrument maker to try to rectify the mandola’s problems.