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Japan-born & raised, then-returned, Canadian-American residing in Tokyo for last twenty-three years.
I really miss many friends in my father’s mid-Canada & Toronto-roots; also my Kansas-USA mother’s side & elsewhere in the western world.
I live in Tokyo now. A personal condition is that I must be able to get away, to get back now and then to keep in touch..
I love to play & accompany on fiddle, bouzouki, cittern, mandolin, guitar, piano, piano accordion, whistles, flute, bodhran … give or take a few instruments.
Fiddlers ubiquitous but piano accordionists so few, my main instrument these days is main-squeeze, piano accordion. Give me a break, Noel Hill and Micharel ORaghaillaigh I am not.. but do inspire greatly.
My other faves are fiddle, cittern and piano. Real pianos & heros are a bit scarce.. but have a great pleasure o play with a few melody players gathered around.

I started playing ITM as an accompanist. I heard Alec Finn, and the scales fell from my eyes. Knowing the tunes made all the difference, so I welcomed the challenge to play the melodies on guitar, piano.. on all my instruments – as well as trying to suss-out intrinsic harmonies / chord-options for conveying emotion & movement.
I play Irish music mostly; also some Cape Breton, French-Canadian, original & other genres. I also write a few tunes, love working out parts to original songs & accompanying, including vocals.
I met my first Irish musicians in Toronto, then in NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Cape Breton, Montreal, S.F., San Diego, Kansas, etc..
First trip to the Emerald Isle was in 1989. The next - ten years later. Then yearly —1999-2005, 2007, 2010 & ‘11, ‘13, ‘15, ‘16, ‘17.
Each trip inspiring, with magical meetings. Likewise three visits to Cape Breton in 1992, 2002 & 2007 were all inspiring. In almost every case my eyes were opened to new potential in music. Let me count the ways!

Any job has its drudgery, politics and personalities to deal with – as others to deal with mine <grin>– so there have been disappointments and difficulties in a profession as Irish musician. But I’ve been privileged to play, teach & perform Irish/ Celtic music & tune pianos, ie., somehow do music for a living for the last 30+ years.. To have been able to continue with music in Tokyo since moving here in 1994 was a pleasant surprise.

I welcome your correspondence, any inquiries – about sessions, happening, or visit to Tokyo , etc..