Patrick Flaherty

tunebook 73 tunes.

tune set 1 set of tunes.

Learning a few new tunes every month. Have about 50 tunes down pretty good on Mandolin from the Irish Isles. Been playing tin whistle quite a bit for over a year and even have composed three melodies of my own. Favorite trad tunes are "After the Battle of Aughrim" and "Star Above the Garter", I also like "Hare in the Corn", "Boys of Bluehill", and "South Wind". "Father Kelley’s" is my latest favorite, especially played at a slower clip.
Played in a variety of sessions informally at house parties and at organized public venues. I used to play much more bluegrass and now I mainly play Irish Trad session tunes around my house. I love the bluegrass/old-time/Irish connection. The Irish do like to joke "Everyone in Ireland has a cousin in America". Hope to get a recording created of tunes I play with band mates in my Irish outlet called Greasewood Blarney. Slainte!