Patrick Flaherty

tunebook 62 tunes.

Learning a few new tunes every month. Have about 30 tunes down pretty good on Mandolin from the Irish Isles. Favorites lately are "After the Battle of Aughrim" and "Star Above the Garter", I also like "Hare in the Corn" and "Boys of Bluehill", and "South Wind". "Ger the Rigger" is my latest favorite, especially played at a slower clip.
I have started a monthly session in Madras, Oregon last Saturday of the month at a little pub called Wild Bleu. I used to play much more bluegrass and now I mainly play Irish Trad session tunes around my house.
John Hartford sang "Some say it comes a rolling down the hollers of old Ireland". I love the bluegrass/old-time/irish connection. The Irish do like to joke "Everyone in Ireland has a cousin in America".