Hi, I am not a musician but an eager fan, listener and supporter of Irish, Scottish, Breton, Asturian and other types of Celtic music. I am also involved in Irish and Scottish ceilí/ceilidh dancing. Above all however, I am an organiser. Therefore, although I do not play an instrument, I try to contribute to the session world by providing the possiblities for musicians to come together and play. Specifically, in Brno and other places of the Czech Republic. More info can be usually found on www.ceoldownsouth.ic.cz and www.skotskypes.cz.
If you want a good overview of such things in Prague, look at my freinds’ website at www.rinceoiri.cz.
Session musicians in CZ are scattered throughout the country so it is always a special occasion when there is a chance to play. Nevertheless, if you’re heading our way, feel free to contact me, there might be something happening! 🙂