tunebook 22 tunes.

Live in Wadsworth, Ohio with my wife and 5 kids. Just got a Mandolin on June 4, 2008 — it’s a blast! Was playing recorder for the year before to get basic music skills. Have had an interest in Celtic and Bluegrass music for a while, leaning towards Celtic.

My 11-year old daughter, Hosanna, has been playing violin for a few years and we are really enjoying playing in the Ceili jam session on Wednesday night in Akron.

I’m just out to enjoy playing music. I have no family lineage with any tradition. I’m mostly ignorant of any music tradition (which I’m sure shows in my questions). I respect those trying to preserve traditional music and trust you won’t take my ignorance as an assault and just ask that you don’t assault me for my ignorance.

I look forward to more interaction here on this site.