Mina the Fiddler

tunebook 2 tunes.

Hi, I live in Switzerland and have been playing violin from ages 8 to 20 - and trad fiddle since I was 24. I’m now 36. I play music from Ireland, Sweden, France, other european countries (and from past ages) and a little Swiss music - this trad music unfortunately doesn’t happen on fiddles (but it used to….!)

you can hear me play the 5string viola here:
it’s a site i made to coordinate a little session/folk jam and i played all the tunes really clearly and rather slowly, would perhaps sound a bit different when you hear me just fiddle away, but go ahead and enjoy. I took the only Irish tune there was off to make space for a recording of the session (doing a Swedish waltz). I’m sure you’d heard the Connaughtman’s Rambles before.