tunebook 61 tunes.

Located in San Antonio, TX…a reformed Highland piper, I now primarily play the Uilleann pipes and whistles. But I do still occasionally play Scottish reel pipes as well as the occasional tune on the GHBs, though playing them now is something close to loathing. I was trained ‘properly’ as a competition solo and band Highland bagpiper while living in the U.K. for 5+ years and studied under Richard Jasper, P/M Steven Duffy (Scots Guards), and P/M Dixie Ingram (Scots Guards).

I played for some years in a fairly well known celtic rock band based in the Midwest US, but tired of general lack of musicianship and creativity in the celtic rock scene. I moved toward trad to increase my overall musicianship as a piper…and find that I really enjoy traditional music more than ‘celtic rock’. That said, I still maintain an experimental cross-genre celtic/world music project called: Sunday In Leith: www.sundayinleith.com/epk

Instruments played:
Tim Benson Uilleann full set — brass and ebony set - love them!
Burke Whistles
A hand-me-down piano accordion
Fred Morrison (Macallum) Reelpipes (A)
Highland bagpipes
Redpipes (electronic)
Acoustic guitar