I am McCracken.

On Music…

“Drop the techno garbage, drop your classical and pop baggage and believe in the tunes… and play the tunes. Trust the tunes… they don’t need your contamination.
If you are struggling to understand what it’s all about, listen to Matt Molloy.”

“You’ve got McKracky Whacky and the Flaming Shamrocks with electric guitars and kilts and someone… usually one player who may have an idea of a jig or reel but not really, thrashing out noise for the McMoshers and the O’ I Luv Me Pints crowd. Who’s on the freakin high horse? Me? Because I say that traditional music is good enough the way it is???? Come down to the barn floor and shovel the sh*t with me because Im right where I want to be!”

“You are the book, you are the music. Thats the music you should be playing…”

“Whats with all this nicey nicey stuff with fiddles latelY? Whats this dark tone shit? This softy softy gut sound is wrenching my gut… its like my addiction to chiles… I NEED I NEED I NEED to hear that treble instrument speak! And this groovy woovy garbage… what in hell is this computer mimicing jazzy flat lined heart monitor stuff that sounds like a midi mcgoldrick poisoning my brain? Take your suzuki classic gut stringed eco-polluter and throw it in the river and piss on it.”

“The most foreign experience Ive had the pleasure of suffering through is making the mistake of blessing a session with my presence and being the only one there not toting an ugly organically woven bag of flattened trees sporting patterns of dots that were of no more value to me than a bag stuffed with pigeon sh*t labeled “ITM.”.”

“There are times that Ive listened to Kevin Burke or Johnny Doran and enter the most pleasant mental state… when Kevin saws down on his e string without fear, I am taken to a higher place… when the pipes flow like a river through the hills, that’s when i am at peace…. they don’t teach that in suzuki… its hum drum– 1234— beats that are enough to strangle any dog… no soul, no lilt, no smell of the turf or flesh and blood… just modernmcgoldrickedmidi sh*t that is like bad wall paper stinking up a once inhabitable space.”

The session has been blessed with my tune. I don’t need the tune police hounding me about my Hounds. And YES I did read the rules about submissions, but the world is a better place due to my composition and that is not what the the rules intended to prevent. If so, then I am guilty. -McCracken

X: 1
T: Summer Hounds In Two
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
R: polka
K: Amaj
C:McCracken, The
|: a>g fe | fe e2 | f>e ec | Bc ef/g/ |
| a>g fe | aA Az | f>g fe | c2 B2 :|
|: A>c ec | ec ec | A>c ec | f>g fe |
| a>g fe | aA Az | f>g fe |1 c2 B2 :|2 f2 g2|