C. Nicolas

tunebook 5 tunes.

I’m American but have lived a long time in The Netherlands where I teach dance and play the flute (and recorder). I’m a poor musician (don’t practice) but have a number of good musicians for one of my dance groups. (This is French folk but includes some Celtic tunes). More recently I have become involved with Irish step and ceili dance so am playing much more Irish dance music now. Googling to St. Patrick’s Day I was led to the discussion on this site. I don’t promise to stay forever but it is possible I’ll find some answers here to my queries about Irish tunes.
I play the silver flute but also have a wooden simple system flute and tin whistles which I would love to be able to play better. Since I started dancing, I discovered it’s much easier to pick up a tune from listening to it. You really can’t write folk music down. I know that already from years of dancing Bulgarian and Macedonian. To learn an Irish dance choreography, I put a tune in my head and hum it in the tempo I want. That way I’ve suddenly found myself with quite a repertoire of correctly hummed tunes. The triplets are difficult but they don’t stump me like they used to.