Atahualpa Quigley

Mr Quigley (NOT his real name) is a US born piper living in the vicinity of San Jose, California. The distance between The Culture and himself might as well be light-years, not just thousands of miles. He does what he can. The paternal side of his family is one long, and unbroken line of awful musicians right down to this day. The last head of household from that branch to be born in Ireland was a piano player, one Aloysius Quigley, also known as "Pinetops". Back in the day, "Pinetops", with his children beside him, would push a Baldwin upright piano to various venues in the district. This was before the rural electrification. Electric keyboards were still only an inventor’s dream. Life for them was hard, but no harder than for most any other young family in pre-revolution Ireland. The Quigley family wishes to be clear on that point. It was not poverty and hardship that drove "Pinetops" out of Ireland, but the near-universal rejection of his instrument and his music. As soon as "Pinetops" and his tribe would hove into view, signage denouncing pianos, bodhrans, shakey eggs, djembes, and "other such yokes," would appear in pub windows; thus pretty much dismissing the family band all in one go.