Roger Foreman

tunebook 44 tunes.

I am a composer and fiddler in Tallahassee, FL, originally from Tucson, AZ. I have been pursuing Irish music seriously since the summer of 2008. I have played for five semesters in the Florida State University Irish Ensemble under the direction of Valerie Arsenault and Lynnsey Weissenberger, and I play fiddle for the traditional Irish band Cúig.

Below is a composition of my own entitled "The Wooden Shutters:"

X: 1
T: Wooden Shutters, The
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
R: slip jig
K: Gmaj
GAB d2B cBA | ~G3 EFG AFD | GAB dAB cde | d2g edB AFD |
GAB dAB cBA | ~G3 EFG AFD | E2B cBA GAB | ~A3 ABd ~^c3 ||
Bef aef fed | Bef g2e fed | Bef g2a gab | afe de^c dBA |
Bef aef fed | Bef g2e fga | b2g a2f gfe | fed edB AFD ||
|: ~E3 cBA Bcd | ~E3 cBA BGD | ~E3 cBA Bcd |1 e2c d2B cBA :|2 efg edB AFD ||