Richard Mordey

I started playing Irish music in 1990 on the whistle just for the portability of this instrument. It fitted well into the top pocket of a rucksack-perfect for trips to North Wales climbing and walking when the weather was too bad to get outside.
Within a couple of years I’d bought myself a blackwood flute in D and with a lot of practice my technique started to improve. Thanks to Guy Flockhart for that. His tuition was invaluable.
Meanwhile the staff at the Yellow Kangeroo had developed a strong aversion to whistle players. With its extra credibilty the flute was proving its worth in liquid currency ie beer and whiskey.
A Hammy Hamilton and then a Sam Murray flute followed though sadly the free drinks didn’t increase in value with my instrument. Finally I went completely bonkers and bought a set of uilleann pipes to torture myself with.
My favorite musicians now are pipers: Tommy Keane and Brian McNamara. Tommy for his simplicity and Brian for intricacy.
My best musical moment would be the first time I heard a full set of pipes played at a session in Winchester in 1994.