Hi! I live in England and have been playing the bodhrán for many years mainly in local sessions. I’ve learned a few fiddle tunes in the past (on the fiddle, of course) but decided to put my efforts into the bodhrán (cos I’m also still playing electric guitar and I’ve not got the time to put into getting any good on the fiddle).

I was also a morris dancer for 17 years and sometimes played pipe-and-tabor at practices. I danced as The Green Man - our Fool. Both of these have influenced my approach to playing i.e. the P&T should follow the dancing, not try to drive it, and to dance the fool you have to know how the dances work. Same with bodhrán.

I played electric guitar and bodhrán in a semi-professional world-musicky indie dance band for years.

Gone through four bodhráns until getting to my Seamus O’Kane beastie and soon to be getting one made by his son Diarmaid