tunebook 47 tunes.

I am a 24 jear old German violinist with graduation at a state-run school for classical musicians and conductors for layperson-ensembles.
Yet my special musical interest lies in Irish Trad Music, which I came first in touch with around the year 2003.
I play Svedish and Bavarian Folk Music as well and have been in Ireland several times. I visited several festivals, the probably best known being the “South Sligo Summer School” in Tobercurry, Co. Sligo. I also spent half a year at a music school in Sveden learning to play “Polska” and “Schottis” and so on…

I’m trying to get to regular sessions in the Munich area and I am member of a folk band called “Fiddler’s Fare” which plays mostly in the Counties south of Munich, Bavaria.