Robert the Bruce

tunebook 25 tunes.

I’m a fiddler originally from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, who also plays whistle, and G-D melodeon (badly!). I went to a few folk festivals in the North of England and Folkworks workouts in my youth, and then spent the next 10-15 years playing mainly classical music; for most of that time I lived in West Yorkshire. In recent years I have attended Newcastleton and Moniaive festivals, and played in sessions in Carlisle, Kendal, Staveley, Shap and Newcastle. I have played Anglo (G-C) concertina for about 3 years now, and know a few tunes but am not good at busking! My preferred flavour of traditional music is still Irish, although I have a few favourite Northumbrian tunes, and a couple of Shetland ones too. I have recently taken an interest in Scottish fiddle music, having attended courses run by Gregor Borland on style and technique. I also play with the Border Strathspey & Reel Society. I’m currently living in Carlisle, Cumbria, and always on the lookout for new sessions.