tunebook 3 tunes.

Hi to all members, just stumbled on this site searching for ABC’s and it looks great. I play a number of instruments in a band called The Delivery Boys in the Detroit area (website: We play a combination of Celtic/bluegrass/contradance/folk/pop/original/whatever. Most of the time I play fiddle and mandolin but on some tunes I revert to Irish Bouzouki, guitar, bass, viola, Puerto Rican Cuatro, and (with cries of protest from the other band members) ukelele. Right now I’m concentrating on learning concertina so I can really annoy the guys. I’ve played guitar and mandolin since I was little (a long time ago) and only picked up the fiddle about 3 years ago but I’m totally hooked on it. It’s so much more fun (and fiendishly difficult) to play that I spend 80% of my practice time on it. I also build F-style mandolins and guitars.

Looks like a great collection of tunes here and some interesting discussion. I hope I’ll be able to contribute something of value.