Quarter Irish

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I’m a 69 year old American woman and have played folk music in one form or another all my life. I started with folk songs back in the 60’s, but my interests developed to include American old-time, Irish/Celtic, bluegrass, and finally even Swedish traditional and contemporary dance tunes and songs.

I moved to Sweden in 2001 to marry the love of my life. After working 30 years in the U.S. and 16 years in Sweden, I’m thoroughly enjoying retirement. My husband and I travel on both sides of the big pond (we have a summer house in the states). Besides music and travel, I enjoy photography, nature, and outdoor activities.

Before moving from the U.S., I belonged to band that played mostly Celtic and American folk music. Now, I belong to a Swedish traditional folk music orchestra that plays around 15 times per year for dances and festivals. I also belong to an American bluegrass trio here in Sweden, and we about 8-10 gigs per year (most Swede’s don’t know what bluegrass is). Finally, I practice all year long to be able to join jams and music parties during our two-month visits back to my home state of Michigan.

I play penny whistle (my favorite is a nickel-plated D Copeland), hammered dulcimer, guitar, and flute.