Quarter Irish

tunebook 203 tunes.

I’m a 64 year old American woman who has played folk music in one form or another all my life. I started with folk songs back in the 60’s, but my interest developed to include American old-time, bluegrass, Swedish traditional and contemporary dance tunes and songs, and last but far from least, Irish/Celtic.

I moved to Sweden in 2001 to marry the love of my life. I work full-time and my husband and I travel quite a bit on both sides of the big pond (we also have a summer house in the states). I was quite active the first 10 years with music here in Sweden, however, music is a fickle thing, so as I’m aging and as band members come and go, music has become a somewhat lower priority to interests such as photography and travel.

I belong to a Swedish traditional folk music orchestra that plays around 10 times per year for dances and festivals. I occasionally organize a bluegrass jam here in Sweden, but as of yet it’s not a regular event (will try to find a permanent place in 2017). I also sing and play maybe twice a year for smaller venues as a one-man show - often singing in (yikes) Swedish! Finally, I practice all year long to be able to join jams and music parties during our five week vacations back home in Michigan.

I play penny whistle (a nickel-plated D Copeland), hammered dulcimer, guitar, and flute.