tunebook 119 tunes.

Blond hair, blue eyes, six-foot-four, 190 —
Oh, wait, you mean me?

I’m 63, but don’t look a day over 62 and a half; live near Boston, play in sessions, gig a few times a month; also play guitar, bodhran, bones, and sing. Played local Irish pubs for years with a three-piece band; also, played guitar and sang for years as a single. Learned how to set up a full PA system in 20 minutes with two customers chatting me up and a third trying to steal my guitar.

I preferred playing jigs for years; now it’s reels as much as possible.

I like to play where there are kids — benefits, kid-friendly pubs, etc. — and I like it when kids ask about the instrument, the tunes, my friends’ instruments… Seeing grown people play music is a rare thing for many kids, so it’s fun to see their reactions.

I like The Session for a bunch of reasons — the tunes, the discussions. Closer, for me, to being in Ireland than I usually get. I’ve been over and played there, around Galway and Dublin, maybe 15 times in the last 20 years.