zoronic’s tune sets

The Hills Of Perth, Mrs. MacDougall.

T: The Hills Of Perth
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:af|e2A2 e3d |e2a2 a2gf|g2G2 B2AG|B2d2 d2af|
e2A2 e3d |e2a2 a2gf|g2e2 e2dB|A4 A2 :|
|:gf|e2A2 a3f |g2fe a3f |g2G2 B2AG|B2d2 d2gf|
e2A2 a3f |g2fe a3f |g2e2 e2dB|A4 A2 :|
|:af|e2A2 c2BA|e>dc<d e2ge|d2G2 B2AG|d>cB<c d2af|
e2A2 c2BA|e>dc<d e2af|g2e2 e2dB|A4 A2 :|
|:af|e>Ac<e c2BA|e>Ac<e g2fe|d>GB<d B2AG|d>GB<d f2ed|
e>Ac<e c2BA|e>Ac<e a2gf|g2e2 e2dB|A4 A2 :|
T: Mrs. MacDougall
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:e|A>AA ABc|ece a2f|ecA ABc |ecA G>AB|
A>AA ABc|ece a2e|c2e fdB |A3 A2 :|
|:f|g2g fed|efg a2f|ecA ABc |ecA G2f |
g2g fed|efg a2e|c2e fdB |A3 A2 :|
|:e|A>AA cBA|c2e fdB|A>AA ABc |ecA G>AB|
A>AA cBA|c2e fdB|efd c<dB|A3 A2 :|
|:e|c<Aa ece|gfg aec|efg aec |ABc BAG |
c<Aa ece|gfg aec|fed c<dB|A3 A2 :|