tunebook 91 tunes.

Dia dhuit!

I am a flautist/whistle player/singer from Helsinki, Finland. Still learning (as I’ll probably be until the end of my days) but already daring to play in public.

My primary sources of inspiration on the flute seem to come from the western and northern parts of Ireland.. To name a few players, Conal O Grada, Harry Bradley, Josie McDermott and the Belfast "revivalist" gang of he 70’s (Hamilton, Hastings, Kennedy, WIlkinson et al) have become very influential for my developing style.

But even loving this very rhythmical style, I must admit that Matt Molloy’s recordings are what got me started on the flute and I can still feel the magic in his playing.

I’m involved in a group of young players which bands up under different titles depending on who can make it to a gig. Some bands we form are called Brach and Kings are kneeling.