tunebook 69 tunes.

Living in Fresno, CA. Fiddling is my main obsession, but I sometimes play mandolin, and Celtic harp. Enjoy playing at parties and weddings, because there’s usually great food and drink. Always looking forward to a good jam session anywhere. Passionate about learning or teaching new tunes and attending acoustic concerts. If you travel to Fresno, email me. Perhaps, you could jam with my partner and me.
After forty-two years of down-hill skiing, I broke my left distal radius on March 11. (Colles Fracture) It’s been five weeks of healing in a long cast and a short cast. I elected not to have surgery, because I didn’t want a plate and screws. The short cast will be removed on April 16, and I will find out how limited I will be when I’m finally allowed to pick up the fiddle and play. Meanwhile, I’m composing a “breakdown” to play when I’ve healed.